Cantabrians inspire visiting student

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TO CHRISTCHURCH: This letter was found in Cashel St.

FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE GLOBE: The letter was in an envelope, bottom, left in the Cashel St container mall, top.


When a Prebbleton man found a letter in the street addressed "to Christchurch" he sent it to The Press so it could be shared with its intended recipients.

David Case found an envelope addressed "to Christchurch, from the Other Side of the Globe" last month during a visit to the Re:Start container mall in Cashel St. 

The letter was in an envelope and had been placed underneath some stones to stop it from blowing away.

"I almost ignored it as it was addressed to Christchurch in general and therefore possibly better to be found by someone else," Case said. 

"But the day was bleak and we had had rain so I thought it would be destroyed if I left it there. And I am as much of Christchurch as anyone."

Case said he did not want the writer's efforts wasted, so he sent The Press a scan of the letter so that it could be shared with the people of Christchurch. 

Written by a student visiting from the US, the anonymous letter says the writer had been inspired by the resilience of Cantabrians. 

"My short time here has definitely made a lasting impact ... I learned about the Gap [Filler] and the projects ... not just to help people who have lost things but to boost people's attitudes ...

"The people here are amazing for giving their time without expecting anything in return and are courageous for staying here throughout all of the troubles they've faced ...

"Know that your city has made an impact on someone's life and that everything you all are doing here is incredible."


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