Tenant evictions surprise Brownlee

Posted 15 Jun 2012 by MediaStuff Popular
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The decision to close 20 New Brighton social housing units is surprising, given the units had "come through the earthquake events of 21 months", Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee says.

Residents of the Reg Stilwell Pl complex have been given seven days to leave as the building did not meet the new building standard and was at risk from quakes.

At a Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority briefing yesterday, Brownlee said Christchurch City councillors were putting pressure "on the Government to come up with options for social housing while they themselves act as evictors".

A council spokeswoman said last night that 13 of the 20 affected tenants had been offered alternative accommodation. The council expected to able to make offers to other tenants by early next week.

Contractors would be employed to help tenants move, she said.

Burwood-Pegasus councillor Peter Beck said the council was doing its best to help the residents.

"I'm satisfied with the way the council is working with the residents."

Tenants said yesterday they had not heard anything about where they would go.

Jason Oliver, 41, who has just had heart surgery, said council staff had been around to hand out boxes for moving.

Pensioner William Kirk, 66, said he was still in the dark about the council's plans. "They didn't tell me a thing."


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