‎15 Anchor Projects as part of the Central City Plan in Brief.

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‎15 Anchor Projects as part of the Central City Plan in Brief. 

Anchor Project 1. The Earthquake Memorial. A place can reflect and honor those who died and what has been before. 

Anchor Project 2. The Cultural Centre. Focal point to all cultural activities in Christchurch including Ngai Tahu and the pacific. 

Anchor Project 3. Avon River Precinct. High quality green space in CBD with priority to Pedestrians and cyclists. 

Anchor Project 4. The Square. A large space encompassing whole blocks around the CBD creating a green barrier. 

Anchor Project 5. Retail Precinct. Unique shopping area based around Cashel Mall to bring retail back to the heart. 

Anchor Project 6. Convention Centre Precinct. A 2000 person convention center right in the heart next Cathedral Square.

Anchor Project 7. Health Precinct. Christchurch Hospital to undergo a complete rebuild incorporating research and innovation. 

Anchor Project 8. Justice and Emergency Services Precinct. An by the hospital for all these services to work together. 

Anchor Project 9. Performing Arts Precinct. A centre catering for 1500 where the symphony orchestra and music center be housed. 

Anchor Project 10. Central Library. To be relocated just north of Cathedral Square. 

Anchor Project 11. Residential Demonstration Project. A collaboration to product high quality medium density housing. 

Anchor Project 12. Metro Sports Facility. Metro Sports Facility. Pools, Indoor stadium, performance center near Hagley Park. 

Anchor Project 13. New Stadium. 35,000 people covered stadium to sit in the blocks between Tuam, Hereford, Madras and Barbadoes Streets. 

Anchor Project 14. Cricket Oval. The existing cricket oval will be extended to match international standards. 

Anchor Project 15. Bus Interchange. A single one to focus on all bus uses. Next to the Core retail precinct.


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