CTV assessment delayed due to holidays

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CTV property manager John Drew

CTV property manager John Drew

By Annabelle Tukia

John Drew took over as the property manager at the CTV building just five months before the first earthquake in September, and afterwards he arranged safety assessments of the building.

Today he struggled to describe what he's been through in the last 18 months.

“I have felt a huge sense of responsibility and I am forever questioning what might have been done differently,” he says.

Mr Drew told the Royal Commission that 22 days after the initial quake in September 2010, he showed structural engineer David Coatesworth around the building as he carried out a detailed inspection.

“At one point I remember him saying, ‘I don't have x-ray vision and at some point we're going to have to get the structural drawings’,” says Mr Drew.

He says he contacted the council to get those drawings but Mr Coatesworth's report came back before the council could locate them.The engineer's report suggested some repairs should be made to the building. Mr Drew says that included stripping back the lining from a major structural wall on the ground floor.

“It was delivered with no urgency at all, it was a nicety – that was impression I got,” he says.

Two months later after the Boxing Day quakes struck, Mr Drew said he rung Mr Coatesworth's office to organise an engineering assessment but because it was holidays no one was available.

Brian Kennedy's wife Faye worked at the clinic a medical centre that moved into the fourth floor of the building after Boxing Day.

Mr Kennedy says the holiday period was no excuse for not getting the building checked.

“Let’s face it when we have had these events people come out of the wood work, engineers, I don’t care who they are but they are available,” he says.

Mr Drew told the hearing he expected the repairs to the building would soon be carried out and he knew an engineer’s assessment would be done when they were complete.

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