DIY remedy helps cold Christchurch homes

Posted 16 Jul 2012 by Media3News Popular
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By Kloe Palmer

Few people have been feeling the winter chill more than those with earthquake damaged homes in Christchurch.

Thousands are still waiting for insurance payouts, repairs or rebuilds, and there's little point in them spending hundreds or even thousands on double-glazing their windows, so many are opting for do-it-yourself methods.

Louise Baker is an earthquake refugee; she's not quite living outdoors, but inside her rental it's damp and cold.

With only a five-week lease, while her own house is being repaired, she wanted a cheap easy way to eliminate window moisture, so she turned to bubble wrap.   "It seemed like a really tacky idea and I couldn't see how it could possibly work, but then just think about it, it did seem that this was going to be exactly like double glazing - it's going to trap air in and keep it warm,” says Ms Baker.

She believes the bubbles have stopped around 95 percent of the condensation - it costs only about $1 a window, but you lose your view.

A DIY film available solves that, and it's selling fast in Christchurch - you can kit out an average-sized home for around $200 dollars, and you can hardly tell it's there.

University masters’ student Nick Smith has been looking at what works best and for how much.

“What was interesting is that the cheaper thin plastic film methods were still just as effective as the more expensive alternatives,” says Mr Smith, a building science student.

Lasting just a couple of winters, the bubble wrap's perfect for renters and those waiting on repairs to their earthquake-damaged homes in Christchurch.

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