Day 497 - fruit & veggie co-op

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118 fruit and veggie packs were made up and distributed today by the Christchurch South Fruit & Veggie Co-op (CSFVC).

The orders are down from last week with the school holidays. Determined efforts are now underway by parents to establish more distribution centres at Addington School, Rowley School, Lincoln Rd near Hilmorton Hospital, and in the Peverel St area of Riccarton.

Congratulations to volunteer packer Karen who won a chockie bar today for the best suggestion made last week - unique bank deposit codes for each group.

The orders packed this week for distribution centres were.
  • 1 - Addington Action (members)
  • 17 - Generation Health (members)
  • 0 - KidsFirst Kindergarten Selwyn St (families of kids)
  • 35 - Manuka Cottage (anyone)
  • 9 - Opawa Baptist (anyone)
  • 17 - St John of God Waipuna (anyone)
  • 39 - Sydenham Community Centre (anyone)
  • 0 - Sydenham Salvation Army (anyone)
  • 0 - West Spreydon School (families of kids)
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