Day 498 - Getting back on track

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Finances a bit "off track"

Kingdom Resources Presents
Getting Back on Track
July 2012

Getting Back on Track

Have your finances taken a bit of a hit lately? Struggling to make ends meet! Or maybe the ends are so far apart you think there is no hope of them ever getting back together!

There can be hope for you, especially if you're prepared to put the hard yards in!

"Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all"

... Dale Carnegie

Life can be more enjoyable with a bit of planning, so here are some of the "planning skills" we can help you learn:
  • Developing a Personal Spending Plan and learn how to deal with debt
  • How to cut down on household costs
  • Contracts and credit issues
Plus more ...


This 3 session course is free
Tea/Coffe & biscuits will be provided

Tuesday- Thursday evenings
12-12 July 7.00-9.15pm

Tuesday- Thursday mornings
17-19 July 9.30-11.45am

Kingdom Resources Offices
Shop 7/300 Lincoln Rd
Addingtown Mall
Addington, Christchurch

What To Bring:
Pen or pencil

Expected Outcomes

  • Develop your budget
  • Define your priorities
  • learn how to balance a budget
  • lern how to deal with debt
  • Gain some great tips on how to save money
  • Get a certificate of attendance
  • Plan the next step

Registration Details

To register for this course you can:

Contact Paul
Phone: 332 1700 (ext 703) or


Post the printed form to:
Kingdom Resources Office
Shop 7/300 Lincoln Rd
Addingtown Mall
Addington, Christchurch

Hand it in at:
Kingdom Resources Office
Shop 7/300 Lincoln Rd
Addingtown Mall
Addington, Christchurch

Getting back on track is made possible by the generous support of Family & Community Services
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