Christchurch Tsunami warning system to be tested Sunday 22 July

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Tsunami warning system to be tested


Christchurch's new tsunami warning system will be tested on Sunday 22 July at 11am for one to two minutes.


Twenty-two sirens have been installed along Christchurch's coastline from Waimairi Beach to Sumner and will be audibly tested for the first time on Sunday 22 July.


"Christchurch residents are asked to note this date in their diary, mark it on their calendar and let their neighbours know to avoid any confusion," says Mayor Bob Parker.


"This test is important so residents can identify the sound the sirens make to know when they need to evacuate the coastal area."


He says if during testing the sirens are reactivated for more than 10 minutes, it will no longer be a test. Residents are advised they will then need to evacuate the area."


Mr Parker says Sunday 22 July is a good time for all residents along coastal Christchurch to make sure they have an evacuation plan in place for themselves and their family in the event of a tsunami, as self-evacuation may be necessary.


He says businesses along coastal Christchurch also need to have an evacuation plan and ensure staff are well aware of the closest evacuation route to their workplace. "The tsunami warning system is just part of the solution to keep residents safe."


Further testing of the tsunami warning system will happen twice a year on the Sunday when Daylight Saving begins and ends.

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