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CancCERN is making an urgent request for copies of documents relating to Deeds of Assignment from residents who may have bought a damaged house with an insurance claim against it. Email CanCERN’s Relationship Manager Leanne Curtis on or read the message following for other ways to make contact.

Dear residents

CanCERN is continuing to look into the Deed of Assignment issue which we have discussed at length in past newsletters #43 – #47 We are currently working with a law firm and have been asked to gather examples of policies and documentation regarding the Deed of Assignment from any residents who have this documentation. You are likely to have something of the sort if you have bought a damaged house with an insurance claim against it. The information may have come from an insurer, lawyer or other professional involved in the transaction.

At this stage we are still gathering the information to better understand the issue so unfortunately cannot be more specific yet about possible courses of action. Obviously we will continue to update via the newsletter and are happy to feedback directly to those who provide us with the necessary documentation.

It is important to collect as many different examples as we can because there are variables in the different policies which need to be taken into account. Any documentation you provide us with can be minus all identifying details – names, addresses, claim numbers, etc as the individual cases are not being considered at this stage.

Documentation can be shared in the following ways:
scanned and emailed to, or
uploaded as a google doc and shared with me at, or
copied and posted to CanCERN, c/o 4 De Thier Place, Sumner, or
delivered. Contact Leanne on 0276555665 to arrange delivery and photocopying if needed.
Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss this further. It would also be appreciated if you could share this email with any of your contacts whom you believe may have been impacted on by the Deed of Assignment. We would appreciate any documentation asap.

Please note this does not include damaged houses whose claims are solely with EQC as the Deed of Assignment is not relevant in those cases.


Leanne Curtis
CanCERN Relationships Manager

A network of representatives mandated by community organisations to advocate for full engagement in the earthquake recovery.


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