TC3 Rally – Monday July 30 outside CCC

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A rally to draw attention to the plight of TC3 landowners will be held outside the CCC Council Buildings on Monday, July 30 to coincide with the launch of the 100 day blueprint for the CBD when Key, Brownlee, Sutton and media etc will be present to celebrate’their’  milestone.
“We need the powers that be to take notice that whilst the city may be getting fixed and  addressed, we in the suburbs are ignored, abandoned and forgotten. That EQC is a shambles and insurance companies are refusing to engage with us. That the time frames being presented to us are unacceptable – we are real people who are facing uncertainty, ill health both physical and  emotional, loss of community, financial loss and the inability to lead a normal, healthy life due to the fact our homes are broken and no one will fix them. We want our homes fixed so we can begin repairing our shattered lives.” More info can be found here: on facebook/ and will be updated here when more details are to hand. Organisers would like to see plenty of support and placards.


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