Fence might hide abandoned streets

Posted 20 Jul 2012 by MediaStuff Popular
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Kaiapoi's residential red zone may be fenced off to hide the "poor visual amenity" of abandoned land.

The idea is part of a report to the Waimakariri District Council on how to repair earthquake-damaged infrastructure.

One section suggests ways to improve the "unattractive outlook" of streets in the red- green zone border areas: "In order to avoid poor visual amenity, screening of the red zone will be necessary. A close-boarded boundary fence will provide the most immediate screening."

Other options were setting a fence back from the road and retaining some vegetation and a "landscaped mound" instead of a fence.

Council utilities manager Gary Boot said a fence was still just an idea, even if councillors accepted the report.

The Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority would decide whether screening was needed, he said.

"We would expect to be in pretty close discussions with Cera over what sort of solutions they were going to put in place if they were necessary."

If the report was accepted, the council would release streetscape plans for public consultation before the end of the year, but they would not include any red-green boundary screening plans.

New roads may be built in Kaiapoi's eastern red zone, the report said. Green-zone residents living near Beach Rd could reach the rest of town only by a convoluted route through the condemned land.

"The most adequate solution is to have a new road," Boot said.

That was contingent on NZ Transport Agency funding, which would not be forthcoming unless Cera confirmed the land was available.

The council was happy to have a road on land deemed unsuitable for houses, Boot said.

"We're certainly comfortable we can construct a road; the issue is around the availability of that land to construct a road," he said.


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