Heritage groups pin hopes on stone tablet

Posted 23 Jul 2012 by MediaStuff Popular
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Heritage groups are hoping a stone tablet pleading to save Christchurch's heritage will help stop the demolition in the city.

Historic Places Canterbury vice-chairman Ross Gray said the screen-printed stone tablet was a reminder of a petition, with more than 5000 signatures, asking the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (Cera) to stop the demolition of heritage buildings, to seek public input and to protect what remained of the city's heritage.

The tablet was presented to Cera chief executive Roger Sutton by representatives of 17 heritage advocacy groups, including Christchurch Civic Trust and Historic Places Canterbury, on Thursday.

Gray said too many buildings had already been "needlessly demolished".

Retaining them was important for the region's economy as tourists visited the city's heritage buildings.

Gray said it urged Sutton not to rush any more demolitions until it had fully investigated the options.

"We hope that our meeting may help to sharpen Roger's and the organisation's consciousness of its responsibility in this area. Heritage is an important part of its overall brief, which must include all aspects of the city's wellbeing."

Sutton said only a few of the damaged heritage buildings were still to come down. "The reality is there's been a lot of damage to a lot of these buildings and saving them has been extremely expensive, and, in some cases, impossible," he said.

Sutton hoped the heritage buildings that remained, such as the old government building in Worcester St, would be features of the rebuilt central business district.


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