Quake risk closes medical centre

Posted 12 Jul 2012 by MediaStuff Popular
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A New Brighton medical centre has been closed because of earthquake damage.

Dr Kim Burgess from the New Brighton Village Health Care centre said engineering reports had found the building to be "risky".

Burgess said she did not have details of the damage to the building but said the closure came "completely out of the blue".

"I spoke to the building owner and they were talking with the engineers throughout the whole process and we knew there would be repairs that needed doing but we didn't think it would have to close."

The centre has relocated to the New Brighton Healthcare centre at Union St.

"We moved in with them for a few days after the [February 2011] earthquake so it's like we had a bit of a trial run and it's great that they have taken us in again."

Burgess said the pharmacy and the dental practice at the damaged centre also had to move.

The pharmacy had relocated to Union St, but Burgess did not know where the dental practice had moved to.

She said it was "too early to know how long the centre would be closed for".

"We are still offering all of our services and nothing has been reduced so we're business as usual," she said.

All Christchurch medical centres and pharmacies are undergoing detailed engineering evaluations.

Findings of these reports may lead to more closures in the coming months.

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