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Roger and Paula Williams
WAIT CONTINUES: Roger and Paula Williams' house is the only property in their immediate neighbourhood still in the white zone.

Paula and Roger Williams want out of the Groundhog Day scenario where their neighbours get rezoned and they stay in limbo.

The Hillsborough couple were still in the white zone after the Government's Port Hills rezoning announcement last Friday, but now they are on their own.

The neighbour on one side has been rezoned green; the property on the other side went red.

All the couple got was a third letter from the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (Cera) reconfirming their white zoning.

"It's called Groundhog Day," Paula Williams said.

"We haven't been in the habit of annoying anybody, but we think this is getting a bit out of hand."

A cliff behind their Port Hills Rd home has shed some rocks in the quakes, leaving fresh rock face exposed.

The property behind them, red-stickered after the February 2011 quake and red-zoned last week, has a boulder as "big as 10 mothers-in-law lying next to it", she said.

The couple were not questioning that rocks were coming down but were at a loss over why the threat could be assessed for every property but theirs. "Why are we sitting here out on our own when everyone else has a decision?" she said.

"It seems silly. We're not on the edge of a cliff in Sumner or anything."

The couple hope to be rezoned red and have their eye on a Mairehau property.

"We don't want to be left here," Williams said. "We're getting on. The next move's into a box."

A Cera spokeswoman could not comment on an individual white zoning but advised the couple to attend one of the community meetings being held to explain the Port Hills rezonings.

If they could not attend, a geotechnical engineer would probably contact them to talk about their zoning, she said.

Further geotechnical assessment is needed for the 166 properties remaining in the white zone before they can be rezoned.

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