How should Lyttelton be rebuilt?

Posted 17 Aug 2012 by Media3News Popular
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Lyttelton resident Anne Stanaway

Lyttelton was the nearest settlement to the epicentre of big February quake in Christchurch. The downtown area, with all its historic colonial buildings, took a pounding and pretty much anything built of stone or brick was damaged, badly damaged.

Now it is time to rebuild, and some believe Lyttelton's heritage status is in the way. 

It's a battle that's likely to define the future look of the historic port town, an argument over the old versus the new, and the right of property owners to design the buildings they want.

At the centre of the controversy is what's known locally as the Stanaway Building.

Watch the video to see John Sellwood’s report.


Lyttelton resident Anne Stanaway




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