Live stream: Christchurch implosion

Posted 04 Aug 2012 by Media3News Popular
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The stream may take a few seconds to start after pressing play

Sixty kilograms of explosives will be used to blow up the Radio Network House in Christchurch’s central city this Sunday.

A six-year-old boy from Queenstown has been chosen to push the button.

The 14-storey office block in Christchurch is beyond repair and the explosive demolition will save time and money.

The building weighs 6500-tonne - as much as six fully-laden jumbo jets and will come crashing down in seven seconds, leaving a pile 15m to 20m high.

The detonation is set for just after dawn early on Sunday, August 5, spectators are expected to camp out in Latimer Square overnight for the front-row seats

Bookmark this page and check back in at 8am on Sunday morning for a live stream of the implosion. A replay of the implosion will also be online Sunday morning.



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