Further 126 Port Hills properties rezoned

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Release Date: 17 August 2012

A final decision has been reached on 126 more properties in the Port Hills, with the majority now zoned red.

Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee says 121 of the remaining 163 white zone properties will be rezoned red and the owners will receive a residential red zone offer.  A further five properties will be rezoned green.

All property owners were individually informed of the decisions by the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority yesterday evening.

Mr Brownlee says the five green zoned properties have been carefully assessed and geotechnical experts have deemed the life safety risk acceptable.

“A detailed examination of the individual circumstances on the five green zoned properties suggests there are factors offering adequate protection.”

Mr Brownlee says the decision to zone 121 properties red is based on the ongoing life risk threat but has also taken into account analysis of options surrounding mitigation.

“Experts have looked at a number of mitigation options taking into account a wide range of factors, including timeframes for implementation, disruption to residents, and engineering and economic viability.

“It is not considered to be practicable to implement mitigation in these areas, and it should be remembered that nowhere in the world has mitigation for potential rock fall due to earthquakes ever been used.

“While I understand the desire for some people to stay in their homes, we cannot be confident that fences or bunds would offer adequate protection should the worst case scenario of another major earthquake occur.”

As a result of today’s announcement 37 properties will remain zoned white – six in the Horotane Valley and 31 on Bridle Path Road.

Mitigation analysis has not been completed for these properties and a decision cannot be made until this is done. 

“I’m sorry for those remaining property owners that we haven’t yet brought the zoning process to a conclusion, but the delay simply shows the degree of rigour being applied to the work being done,” Mr Brownlee says.

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