Nominate your earthquake hero

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Nominate your earthquake hero

Nominations for the second round of the Christchurch Earthquake Awards will close in one month.

The Christchurch City Council extended the nomination period to two months this year to ensure there is enough time for everyone deserving to have their names put forward.

The earthquake awards were presented for the first time in February 2012 and are being held a second time to give people who were previously unaware of the awards an opportunity to nominate a worthy candidate.

The awards are to honour people who undertook acts of kindness, service or heroism during the earthquakes.

Nominations will close on Friday 21 September 2012.

Mayor Bob Parker encourages people to think about who may have helped them, or their friends and family during the earthquakes - and get nominating.

"There are so many individuals that acted selflessly to help others and we want everyone deserving to be recognised."

Individuals, associations, organisations and businesses are eligible for the Christchurch Earthquake Awards and nominations are open to people of all ages.  There is a requirement that the services or acts presented for civic commendation have been performed in direct relation to the earthquakes.

The nominations will be considered by the Council and awards presented at a special ceremony to be held in November 2012.  People who have been nominated previously cannot be nominated again.

How to nominate

For further information or to nominate someone visit or pick up a nomination form from your
closest Council Service Centre.

For further information please contact:

Amanda Legge
Communications Adviser
Mobile: 027 505 4093



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