Land compensated, not remediated

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EQC won’t be remediating land, Bruce Emson from EQC revealed at the CCC Earthquake Forum on August 16.

After much pushing from TC3 Resident Group member, Maria Thackwell, Bruce Emson finally stated (although with vague words) that EQC is responsible for ‘compensating’ land damage only, not ‘remediating’ it, according to the latest newsletter from CanCERN.

“Expect a cash cheque people. On second thoughts, talk with your insurer, as we know the EQC cheques are still in the mail. When your insurer finally gets that official position from EQC then we all may know what dealing with your land looks like,” Leanne Curtis writes.

“Roger Sutton gave his brief summary of where things are but I couldn’t help thinking that if this is the level of information the CCC Councillors actually have, it’s a wonder they always look a bit in the dark. Roger gave the ‘good news’ public message which of course we know does not always represent the experiences on the ground.”

Leanne reports that there were some blatant contradictions in presentations by Ian Simpson and Bruce Emson – drilling over cap properties when their communications released on August 15 said they only drill under cap properties.

“The councillors did an admirable job trying to seek clarity to many resident concerns and Mayor Bob Parker graciously allowed some members of the public to also ask their question which was appreciated.”

Source: repurposed from CanCERN newsletter 51


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