Quake advocacy groups make a difference

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Advocacy groups set up by communities affected by the earthquakes to deal with EQC, CERA and insurance companies are making a difference.

Decision makers are becoming more aware of the need to engage and listen to the solutions of oommunity leaders. Several examples of positive changes were instanced in the recent CanCERN newsletter.

WeCan, TC3 Residents Group and Councillors Tim Carter and Glenn Livingstone have managed to get EQC to publish more detailed data from the Drilling Programme.

CERA will inform the affected residents about the latest zoning decisions before the media and the general public, following an approach from Port Hills community leaders.

A resident asked CanCERN to help when they received an offer that became lower after requesting a review of portions of their assessment. CanCERN put their case back to IAG who have indicated that they will in fact honour the original offer.

Contact Leanne Curtis if you would like to involve CanCERN in your case or to subscribe to the newsletter. Leanne’s email address is leanne@cancern.org.nz. Information is also available about local advocacy groups who are members of CanCERN.


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