Chch teens celebrate in the heart of city

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PARTY TIME: Christchurch teens came back to the CBD to dance and listen to local bands on the weekend.

Christchurch teenagers returned to the city centre to party this weekend.

The Re-entry concert in the city centre attracted 150 teenagers, many of whom had not been into central Christchurch since the quakes.

The concert was organised by the White Elephant Trust, Gap Filler and pupils from Cashmere High School, St Andrew's College, St Margaret's College and Hagley Community College.

The teenagers danced to music from Christchurch bands, DJs and singers, including Works End, The Baker, Anikin, Siobhan Russel, Claudia Jardine and The Haze.

One of the organisers, Ross Hulley, 14, said it was great to see youth back in the central city.

"Heaps of my friends are moving away, but this is kind of just showing them there is stuff to do. People just need to make stuff to do."


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