'Crap' video makes light of quake battles

Posted 12 Aug 2012 by MediaStuff Popular
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A Christchurch business has created a satirical video and t-shirts as an outlet for Cantabrians frustrated with their insurers and the Earthquake Commission.
The video by NZ Satire on Youtube makes light of the battles residents trying to settle claims for earthquake damage are currently facing. 
The clip stars an animated character Mr Futterly Ucked, who bemoans the situation in Christchurch as the "Cockamamie Run-around Process" or "CRAP". 
"I survived the earthquakes, but not the CRAP," the video says.
T-shirts bearing slogans from the video are available in "liquefaction grey" and can be purchased on Trade Me
The concept's creator says the video "has been a creative outlet for a frustrated earthquake victim still manoeuvering through the Christchurch CRAP".


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