Residents want rockfall protection

Posted 09 Aug 2012 by MediaStuff Popular
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White-zoned Port Hills residents have issued a plea to the Christchurch City Council for common sense over rockfall issues.

A deputation at this morning's council meeting said it was financially beneficial to green-zone the homes threatened by rocks as a result of the earthquakes.

Simon Langer told councillors it would cost about $100 million to remove hillside houses that were red-zoned.

Rockfall protection work would cost about 10 per cent of that, he said.

"We believe there are several reasons that you should do everything you can to support our proposals. The cost is a no-brainer.

"We just want to maintain our families in our homes and keep our communities together. That's all we're asking.

"It's all achievable through rock protection," Langer said.

Kim Preston said the council had already set aside more than $50m in its budget for protection from rockfalls.

The land behind Langer's Heberden Ave house where rocks might come from was owned by the council.

"Being a neighbour to us, you do have an obligation to us."

If his property was red-zoned it could cost ratepayers about $500,000. Rock protection would cost about $96,000, he said.

Deputy Mayor Ngaire Button said there was still a "big process" to go through before the scheduled zoning announcement from the Government on August 17.

That date was "by no means certain" though, she said.


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