Together Everyone Achieves More

Posted 18 Aug 2012 by GlennLivingstone Popular

At one point last year, the plight facing red-zoners was described as being like "climbing Mt Everest with jandals on". While it's still the case that many red-zoners are facing an uphill battle to re-build their lives, I would like to think that we've now been able to locate some crampons to make the climb possible.

One of those offering assistance is the Canterbury Cooperative Land Trust, see and with their partnership with Versatile Homes, whose patron is none other than All Black Captain Richie McCaw, some of those in the residential red-zone are now a step closer to being able to build a new home on affordable land. As part of the Trust's partnership with Versatile, 6 of the 18 sections at Dunn's Crossing Road in Rolleston must be Versatile Homes.

Versatile's advertisement in today's page G12  of The Press' Property section is offering house and land packages from $399,000 for 700 square metres to $431,000 for 745 squares. The 18 sections all up range in price from $113,000 for 570 square metres to $139,000 for 1080 squares.

The Trust appreciates that some red zone residents will still need some assistance to join up the ends of the financial rope as far as mortgages go and are hoping to facilitate assistance with a bank at some point.

The resource consent hearing for this is drawing closer and I am intending to support the residents in this.

The re-build of Christchurch is going to take team-work, whether it's the physical, economic or social re-build. The Canterbury Cooperative Land Trust is delighted to be able to share this news today with the launch of Rebuild Christchurch's new web-site, a resource which has helped so many in Christchurch and which is highly regarded by many. The 'Together Everyone Achieves More' of team-work has never been so critically needed in our history as at this time as we climb the mountain of the rebuilding of Christchurch.

Cr. Glenn Livingstone

Champion of the Canterbury Affordable Land Trust


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