Royal Commission reconfirms CTV hearing complete

Posted 18 Sep 2012 by RoyalCommission Popular
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The Canterbury Earthquakes Royal Commission’s terms of reference requires it to inquire into the performance of buildings in the Canterbury earthquakes including why the CTV building failed.

In response to media enquiries about a story in today’s The Press newspaper about the former CTV building construction manager Mr Gerald Shirtcliff, the Royal Commission wishes to confirm the hearing into the performance of the CTV building is complete. During this hearing matters relating to the construction of the CTV building were well canvassed.

The Commission will not make any further comment and is currently considering its findings in relation to the building. The findings will be presented in the Final Report due to be delivered to the Governor-General by 12 November 2012.


17 September 2012

The Royal Commission is satisfied that it has sufficient evidence about Mr Shirtcliff's role in the construction of the CTV building.  This includes evidence from Mr Shirtcliff himself and others involved in the project, including the site foreman Mr Williams Jones.  It also heard evidence about Mr Shirtcliff's subsequent conviction for fraud.  It does not consider that it needs anything further to enable it to respond to the Terms of Reference, in the report to be delivered to the Governor-General later this year.


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