EQC Truths Intends to Release All Information within 24

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EQC Truths Intends to Release All Information within 24 Hours  


First, I wish to thank everyone for their unwavering support.  I have received hundreds of e-mails from ordinary people in Christchurch along with donations from people who I have never met.  You support means everything to me and I will not abandon you against the forces of darkness.  I have been working sixteen-hour days between my professional commitments and the blog and I remain as energetic as ever thanks to the people that e-mail their kind words of support.    


I understand from Stuff that the High Court has extended its temporary injunction.  Regrettably, the High Court never bothered to notify me of the initial proceeding nor was it physically possible for me to appear in court today.  I humbly asked the High Court for one-week reprieve to prepare a proper legal defence because, unlike EQC, I do not have a team of lawyers, professional spin-doctor, and taxes euphemistically called EQC levies to bankroll me.  I promised not to release the information if given the opportunity to prepare a case with enough time to appear before the tribunal. As my earlier response to the High court explained, this case contains a myriad of complex legal questions that require thorough research and an opportunity for the defendant to prepare a case. 


Sadly, the High Court ignored my request and never even acknowledged my response or addressed my concerns about preserving my anonymity and that of my sources.  Moreover, the High Court has yet to supply me with a copy of its ruling explaining the terms of the temporary injunction or its legal reasoning for granting the injunction.  Given the absence of proper notice, the physical impossibility of my appearing at today’s proceedings, the lack of time to prepare a defence, and the High Court’s overreach by failing to ascertain if it even had jurisdiction in the matter, I conclude that the High Court has acted unlawfully and exceeded its lawfully constituted powers. 


Consequently, the High Court’s ruling is mere dictum and I reject it with the contempt it deserves.  Given EQC’s malevolent and underhanded manoeuvres masquerading as legal tactics, I shall release the entire database within the next twenty-four hours. 


I am presently consulting with my IT technician to find a practical format for releasing the information.  However, I can assure you that it will happen within the next twenty-four hours.  The nincompoops at EQC never contemplated the possibility that EQC Truths could be outside New Zealand and therefore outside the jurisdiction of the High Court or mistook EQC Truths for a pliant weakling who would run away at the first sign of trouble. 


Being as far away from Christchurch as I can possibly be, I cannot help but feel moved by the footage of ordinary people queuing to verify their identity in the hopes that the information will appear on the spreadsheet.  Likewise, I have received several hundred e-mails from regular people simply seeking the information to which they are entitled.  Anyone with an iota of common sense knows that EQC is withholding the information to conceal its incompetence and possible criminality rather than out of altruism or “commercial reasons”.  I contacted EQC’s counsel today and offered to discuss the matter to reach an amicable solution, but he and EQC ignored my attempt to resolve the impasse outside of court. 


In any event, EQC has deluded itself into believing that it has “won” in court.  Now we will see if EQC can enforce its injunction against EQC Truths.  Incidentally, I have some other very damning leaks that I am working to release, including proof that EQC retaliated against an employee who tried speaking to Gerry Brownlee about the problems at EQC.  I also have proof showing that EQC has held up claims deliberately and systematically along with pictures showing the games employees play at EQC. 


Once again, I challenge Ian Simpson to a public debate if he disagrees with my claims (pun intended) and actions.  We can arrange to have an independent moderator host the debate.  In the meantime, I will chase up my IT technician and arrange for the EQC Truths blog to reveal what everyone in Christchurch wants. 


In the meantime, I wish everyone the best for their fabulous support.  Please accept my apologies if I have not returned your e-mail.  If I have not returned it, you will have to access the information again once I release it in full.   

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