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How to Get Your Information   After consulting with my lawyers and Bryan Staples from Earthquake Services, I have created the following process for obtaining your information while protecting the privacy of all property owners.  


1                    Contact either Bryan Staples at or me at     

2                    Provide the following in person for identification purposes: Claim numbers, copy of your rates notice, and a photo ID such as a passport or drivers licence in person and sign an authority to disclose.  My preference is that you go through Bryan and drop into his office at 60 Fitzgerald Ave with your paperwork, he will scan it and hand you back your originals.  However, you can contact me at if you prefer to deal with me directly and I will have an alternative procedure in place for verifying your identity. 


3. Someone from Earthquake Services will send me an e-mail with your name and claim number and verification code.  I will then e-mail you the details directly to you.  Neither Bryan nor anyone from Earthquake Services has access to the spreadsheet and he does not want to be involved in distributing the information contained within the spreadsheet as EQC are targeting him. I will not release it to any third party, but will give you all your information.  


I contacted Bryan to discuss the matter and he DOES NOT want to become involved in distributing this information to the rightful owners because EQC have targeted him.  However, Bryan has kindly offered his resources and services to verify that you are the rightful owner at no charge to help the people of Canterbury. 


He will e-mail the authority and confirmation and then I will e-mail the details to you by or, if you prefer, send it through Bryan’s office provided you give them the authority to act on your behalf. 


Please note that we cannot guarantee that your information is contained in the spreadsheet.  EQC insists that every house appears on the spreadsheet, but a detailed examination reveals that some properties are missing.    This information is useful to let you know the value that EQC have assigned to your claim. 

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