Clean green natural amenities top community wish-list for the east

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Initial analysis of the feedback from EVO::SPACE shows a very strong preference for east Christchurch to become the clean green environmental playground of the city.


EVO::SPACE was the community engagement website hosted by Eastern Vision a group of community leaders promoting a strong community voice in the recovery plans for the east.


The site was open for feedback on more than forty proposals for several weeks earlier this year.


In a report of the initial findings, the top five proposals in terms of community support were: eastern cycleway and walkway network at number 1; followed by Avon-Ōtākaro River Park; natural playground network; new wetlands for water management; and the proposal for an eco-sanctuary.


Despite being a late entry proposed by a member of the public, the natural playground network received overwhelming support very rapidly. 


“The natural playground proposal goes hand in glove with the other popular proposals so this high level of support is not surprising”, says Peter Beck convenor of Eastern Vision.


The proposal for an international flat water sports lake is listed next in popularity followed by the revitalisation of New Brighton and the two proposals for aquatic facilities in the east: the Eastern Recreation & Sport Centre and the Legacy Hot Saltwater Pool complex.


The most popular ideas all involve residential red zone land along the Avon River.  Almost two-thirds of participants excluded remediating this land for residential use as an option and overall this ranked among the lowest priorities for the recovery of the east.


There was acceptance that there would be additional costs to the public to carry out the favoured proposals. 


The lowest priority of respondents was keeping re-developments cost neutral with evidence that ‘the most popular proposals are highly valued to the point where there may be an appetite for a targeted rate or tax to help fund them.’


“This is a valuable piece of work which we hope will strongly influence the decisions of both central and local government when they consider options for the recovery of the east.


“It is important that the community’s views are respected in this and that they continue to be active participants in the decision making”, says Beck.


The website address is  This programme is funded by the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal Trust: “Tomorrow starts here”.



A copy of the Initial Analysis documents can be downloaded from here:

Analysis of Community Feedback  (PDF 4.5MB)

Appendix - Proposal documentation as used on EVO::SPACE (PDF 6.1MB)


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Eastern Vision exists ‘to assist the communities of the east of Christchurch to become vibrant, prosperous, empowered and sustainable, which together with the development of stunning natural assets and amenities, will comprise an outstanding location for people to live, learn, work, invest, play and visit.’ 


Our mission is to play a leadership role in realising this vision.   Although we claim no mandate for such a leadership role, we will actively facilitate a mandate from communities for the vision by endorsing and upholding the Principles of Community Engagement for the Recovery of Greater Christchurch.


Our objectives are:


1              To facilitate a big picture road map for the recovery of the east that is:

·           Community-engaged

·           Collaborative and iterative

·           Innovative

·           Based on quality urban planning

·           Spatially integrated

·           Mindful of constraints

·           Sustainable long-term

·           Inspiring of confidence for all sectors

·           Endorsed by all recovery agencies.


2             To facilitate collaborative relationships between communities, community organisations, rūnanga, private sectors, consultants and recovery authorities, that support engagement of these stakeholders and integration of activities, in both the delivery of the road map and realisation of the vision.

3             To monitor the recovery of the east with respect to the agreed road map and advocate for compliance where differences are identified.

4             To secure funding and establish a fund-holding mechanism, to deliver the above.

5             To facilitate the establishment of a Charitable Trust, that includes strong community representation, to administer and manage funding for the implementation of the agreed road map.



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