Eden NZ – iconic new proposal announced for the east

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A new iconic scheme for the recovery of the east has been announced and made available for public comment on EVO::SPACE.

Eden NZ modelled on The Eden Project UK in Cornwall “but with a unique Kiwi flavour” is being touted for the Avon Loop red zone between Barbardoes Street and Fitzgerald Avenue.

Eden NZ spokesperson, Professor of Tourism David Simmons, describes the project as an “iconic community science facility using sculptural wow-factor buildings set in green space and native vegetation.”

“This is a destination tourism project for the recovery of Christchurch and the benefit of New Zealand partnered with The Eden Project UK as part of their global outreach strategy.

“The key themes are land and water from the Mountains to the Sea - Ki Uta Ki Tai -and its focus will be nature, culture, science, community and tourism”, says Simmons.

The facility would include meeting and events spaces, education centre, multi-purpose function and entertainment centre, outdoor amphitheatre, outdoor exhibition and festival site and quality retail and hospitality.

“Located in the Avon Loop it will provide easy access to visitors staying in the central city while providing a gateway and ‘compass’ directing visitors to other attractions located on red zone land to the East.

“The Eden Project in Cornwall, UK has had 13 million visitors in the last decade, employs almost 500 staff and generated £10 billion ($20 billion) for the local economy and is a well-established international brand.

“Iconic attractions that speak to the heart of a destination have emerged as the critical success factor in tourism management and influence visitor decision making concerning their visit to New Zealand and Christchurch and grow visitor market by increasing length of stay, visitor spend, visitor referrals and repeat visits,” says Simmons.

The proposal is the newest among thirty listed on EVO::SPACE the on-line public consultation platform of Eastern Vision.

Rev Peter Beck convenor of Eastern Vision says “this is an exciting new proposal and we are very keen to hear what the community thinks about it – particularly in the context of all the other proposals for the east. 

“What is taking shape is an extremely attractive package of proposals throughout the length of the Avon-Otakaro red zone which will make the east a stunning place to live, learn, play and visit.”

The website address is http://evospace.co.nz

Upcoming EVO::SPACE workshops and drop-in sessions are:

6:30pm, Friday 8 August, North New Brighton Community Centre

2pm, Saturday 9 August, WEA Hall, 59 Gloucester St, CBD

This programme is funded by the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal Trust: “Tomorrow starts here”.

View the Concept Brochure here

View a video about The Eden Project UK here and a video of Sir Tim Smit and Prof David Simmons discussing The Eden NZ project here


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