East could be the stunning aquatic playground of the city

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Imagine having a lake on your back doorstep where you could paddle, row, sail, wakeboard or swim, and close by, a white water park, a surf park, beachfront hot salt water pools, restored sailing facilities on the estuary and a new state-of-the-art pools complex. 

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Picture that with the existing natural amenities of the rivers, estuary and beaches of coastal New Brighton served by the proposed eastern cycle and walking network set in a restored natural environment and you have a stunning world-class aquatic playground within the city.


These ideas are all either underway or have strong advocates in the community.


The eastern suburbs could become ‘an amazing giant waterpark playground’, says Rev Peter Beck one of the people behind Eastern Vision’s Eyes East TV series and the EVO::SPACE website.


Episode 4 of Eyes East considers a number of these proposals and includes interviews with many of those championing the ideas.


Firstly, members of the East Lake Community Trust advocate for a ground-sourced fresh water lake that is 2.2km long and at least 165m wide running through the Dallington red zone adjacent to but completely separate from the river.


This would be large enough for competition rowing, waka ama, kayaking and dragon boating and could also accommodate swimming, triathlons, cable wake boarding, stand up paddle boarding, wind surfing and sailing.


Then we hear from Ian Fox about a proposal for a white water course adjacent to the proposed lake and from Paul Zaanen about the idea for a Wavegarden-style surf park in New Brighton.


Finally we hear updates on the replacement Pleasant Point Yacht Club in South New Brighton Domain and the new Eastern Recreation and Sports Centre planned for the old QE2 site.


But the most important people to hear from is you!  The EVO::SPACE website has been revamped and is available to receive your feedback on the ideas covered in the series. 


So if you haven’t already done so, register at evospace.co.nz and tell us what you think!  All feedback is passed on to the recovery agencies and does have influence in decision making.


Evan Smith, Programme Manager, Eastern Vision and member of the Eyes East production team.



Eyes East Episode 4 will be screening on CTV 8:30pm online at this link from 8:30pm and on demand at this link www.rebuildchristchurch.co.nz/videos/eyes-east/linked/Episode-4


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