Christchurch Recovery Four Years On - By Numbers

Posted 26 Feb 2015 by Swiggs Popular

Four years on:

Where is the recovery of Christchurch from the Earthquakes of 2010 and 2011. Four years on from the quake that broke the city I’ve had a look at where things are with EQC, Private Insurers, Infrastructure rebuilds and CBD rebuilds.



EQC has to date paid out $8.26 billion in residential claims.


  • 63,894 properties have been repaired in the under cap program.
  • 67,178 were paid out under cap.
  • 23,925 properties have gone over cap to private insurers.


  • 10,250 properties still with unresolved claims with EQC.
    • 5569 properties are still in the CHRP repair programme
      • 1,373 under repair with CHRP.
      • 2,154 with contracts signed but are yet to start.
      • 1,247 are on hold for various reasons. 
      • 795 pending specialist reports. 
    • 2,728 properties are in the opt out cue awaiting cash settlement.
    • 1,953 properties somewhere in the process awaiting decisions. (potential cash settle or over cap)
  • 34,247 land claims to be paid out.


Private Insurers

$8.17 billion had been paid to settle commercial claims and $5.69 billion for domestic residential claims.

  • 83% of 26,000 commercial claims are settled.
  • 84% of 64,000 claims outside the scope of EQC (e.g. fences, pathways, driveways) are settled.

In total to date there are 23,925 residential over cap claims:


  • 57% or 13,566 have been settled.
  • 10,676 have been cash settled (6200 were red zoned).
  • 2,890 completed rebuilds/repairs.
    • 1,451 are rebuilds.
    • 1,439 are repairs.


  • 43% or 10287 are still unsettled.
  • 1,744 properties are under construction - 7% of the total.
    • 964 are rebuilds.
    • 780 are repairs.
  • 1,150 are in consenting/contracting - 5% of the total.
  • 5,700 are pending cash settlement/pricing/design - 24% of the total.
  • 1,765 are yet to progress.
    • 1265 with no offer from insurer.
    • 500 are in dispute or undecided.

I am conscious that compiling lists like this look like just numbers. Helpful for some to see where things are at in context to one another but it cannot in any way minimise the challenges faced by the homeowners who are still in the process, especially the thousands without resolutions. The stress of being in this situation in many cases is very high.

If you or someone you know is in an unresolved insurance situation free services are available to help such as the Canterbury Insurance Assistance Service (CIAS) and the Residential Advisory Service (RAS). They are good places to contact and get advice or assistance to help you move forward.

With potentially just under 10,000 properties with unresolved insurance settlements four years from the event really is not good enough. Fair certainty this far down the track for every home owner needs to be a top priority now.



The infrastructure is being rebuilt by SCIRT and currently they are scheduled to have all work completed by the end of 2016. As of the four year mark from Feb 2011 the progress is:

  • 1,498.3 million dollars is the total value of work within the rebuild programme.
  • 60% of construction work is complete made up of 293 projects totalling 504.1 million dollars.
  • 86% of Central City Work is complete.
  • 146 projects valued at 675.4 million dollars are under construction.
  • 52% (14km) of stormwater pipes replaced.
  • 74% (51km) of fresh water pipes replaced.
  • 54% (353km) of wastewater pipe repaired/replaced.
  • 35% (75) retaining walls repaired/replaced.
  • 68% (102) bridges/culverts repaired/replace - Many left are the more complex time intensive works.
  • 37% (483, 776 sq m) of road repaired/replaced.
    • *As a city we need to start realising that this will not mean the roads will be smooth and without bumps. There simply is not the money for it.



  • 1240 buildings have been demolished.
    • 112 buildings are still to be demolished or partially demolished.
  • 110 new buildings have been fully complete.
  • 178 rebuild projects are under construction.
    • 4 are by government.

Before much of the CBD above ground work could be completed without costly delays to developers the underground infrastructure needed to first be repaired. This was meant to be complete at the end of 2014 but due to cost constraints many projects were sent back to the design phase to try and reduce costs in the design.

The central city underground infrastructure repair is currently at 86% complete so in some areas it may still be some time before above the ground work takes off.

In saying this there are pockets of greatness showing some real inspiration to the future of the city with my next post looking at these.


Construction Spend data:

$10.694 billion Canterbury construction spend since September 2010 earthquake. 

  • $3.983 billion for 2014
    • ‚Äč$2.51b in home building. 
    • 1.473b in commercial construction.


Other facts four years on:


  • Restaurants, cafes and bars  are at 95 percent of pre-earthquake levels with 907 operating in the city.
    • 103 hospitality businesses are new and have taken the place of some of the closed businesses.
    • 317 hospitality outlets that were operating before the earthquakes have remained closed.

Population changes since the earthquake to late 2014.

  • Waimakariri district increased by 1,200 -  a 2.5% increase.
  • Selwyn district population has increased by 1,700 -  a 4.2% increase.  
  • Christchurch city population has decreased by 700 - a 0.2% decline.



These lists have been compiled by talking to the different agencies who are collating the data and interpreting this to put together here. Most of the data is relevant and the latest available as of end of January 2015.

All up there has been real progress taking into consideration many of the build programmes couldn't start until 2012 when the ground finally stopped shaking. There is a lot to come and from here in it will be exciting to see it happen.


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