Aerial Panoramas – A New Way To View An Emerging City

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Christchurch has become a blank canvas where a new Christchurch is beginning to emerge, according to Christchurch’s leading rebuild website Rebuild Christchurch.


Rebuild Christchurch which attracts over 350,000 hits each month has released 24 stunning interactive 360 degree aerial panoramas that highlights the significant change that Christchurch is undergoing.


“With most buildings that were damaged now demolished, a blank canvas has emerged where the new city can take shape,” says Rebuild Christchurch Founder Deon Swiggs.


Each interactive panorama features a different location around Christchurch showing a changing, post-earthquake Christchurch with a focus on the CBD, the Residential Red Zone, the port of Lyttelton and scenic areas around Christchurch.


“Since establishing in September 2010, Rebuild Christchurch has been dedicated to documenting and enabling people to actively engage with the recovery and rebuild of Christchurch.  The addition of interactive aerial imagery gives a new and engaging perspective to understanding what is happening,” 


“Christchurch is experiencing a lot of change and the recent advances in drone technology allows for some innovative ways to document those changes,” “Viewing regular updates from the air enables us to see the gradual rebirth through the rebuild.”


People engage well with imagery and video and this panoramic facility will provide an unrivalled interactive experience.


“As our city changes we will update the images and it will act as a visual timeline of the progression the city experiences throughout the rebuild,” 


Every interactive panorama represents approximately 8 hours work, from planning, capturing and processing the images and uploading them to the website.


The panorama home page has been developed to give people the best control in viewing the content that interests the user.


“As the recovery progresses we intend to add to more areas providing a great range of content for locals and people abroad to view and engage with as the new Christchurch emerges,” 


To view the interactive panoramas visit - simply follow the map and clicking on the areas of interest. 



brighton beach

horseshoelake_out_0.jpgHorseshoe Lake Red Zone

christchurch_out_0.jpgChristchurch Central



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