Police Station Building Implosion Live Stream

Posted 31 May 2015 by RebuildChristchurch Recommended Featured Popular

Implosion at 32:34

Two live cameras for this event, one from the live authorized HD drone flying very close to the building and another from a fixed camera 20 metres off the ground. We will also have live audio from the site.





Other articles on the implosion:

A date for the implosion of Christchurch's former police station has not been confirmed, despite social media reports suggesting otherwise. This article was ...
www.rebuildchristchurch.co.nz/.../the-press-news-when-will-christchurch- police-station-implode-
May 1, 2015 ... Spectators keen to watch Christchurch's old central city police station fall are being asked to stay away. This article was sourced from another ...
www.rebuildchristchurch.co.nz/.../the-press-news-public-asked-to-stay-away- from-christchurch-police-station-implosion
May 23, 2015 ... The implosion of Christchurch's old central police station will not clash with the Christchurch Marathon. This article was sourced from another ...
www.rebuildchristchurch.co.nz/.../the-press-news-police-station-implosion- wont-clash-with-christchurch-marathon
6 days ago ... Plans to implode Christchurch's old police station have been changed to avoid a potential clash with the city's marathon. This article was ...
www.rebuildchristchurch.co.nz/.../the-press-news-police-station-implosion- plan-changed-to-avoid-clash-with-marathon
May 11, 2015 ... The date for implosion of the former Christchurch Police Station building has been confirmed as Saturday 30 May, 2015, Queen's Birthday ...
www.rebuildchristchurch.co.nz/.../christchurch-police-station-building- implosion-date-confirmed
Posted in Media. The former Christchurch police station will be demolished by implosion. This article was sourced from another website - view the original article ...
www.rebuildchristchurch.co.nz/.../the-press-news-police-tower-will-be- imploded
Ngai Tahu Property (NTP) confirmed the former Christchurch central police station on Hereford St could be demolished by implosion. The 13-storey tower was ...
www.rebuildchristchurch.co.nz/.../press-business-rebuild-news-implosion- likely-for-police-station



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