Relocatable housing project Travis Country to be abandoned

Posted 24 Jun 2015 by PRNews Popular

Press Release: Build Green
Relocatable housing project at Travis Country to be abandoned

My name is Catherine Muir and I am the lawyer for Build Green Ltd. Build Green Ltd is an engineering consulting firm based in Christchurch. It specialises in the design, construction and performance of environmentally sustainable buildings.

Build Green has acted as a consultant to its client who pursues projects using relocatable homes as an opportunity to provide high-quality, economic, fast solutions for Christchurch’s significant earthquake-damaged housing.

The Travis Country project was to provide Christchurch residents with affordable, quality, healthy homes using a fast process and to save a perfectly good home from ending up wasted in the landfill.

Two family homes were to be established, one an older character home and the other newly built off site, on a section at 12 Travis Country Drive, Burwood. This project has generated growing opposition from the Travis Country residents and, in response to this, a letter from our office was delivered this afternoon, to Dr Karleen Edwards, Chief Executive, Christchurch City Council. The letter advises, that the project is being abandoned and that the two houses, will no longer be established on the section at 12 Travis Country Drive.

• €I have been advised that the character house, which was to be moved on to the site this evening, will now not be moved on to the site.

• €Furthermore, arrangements are being made for the new house which is currently on the Travis Country Drive site to be removed, with an expectation that this will occur as soon as possible (subject to unforeseen circumstances, for example adverse weather). What has prompted this decision? Simply put, Build Green’s client failed to appreciate the significance of the matter and the Travis community’s strength of feeling. For that they are sorry. Travis Community residents have a passion for their built community and an expectation of what is appropriate development and that is now understood.

Build Green remains committed to promoting the common good through the company’s endeavours to support affordable housing as its contribution to assisting Canterbury’s earthquake recovery.

There has been a call for a review of the process around the approval of the resource consent granted by the Christchurch City Council. The professionals involved in this project are happy for this enquiry to proceed and will cooperate fully.

Finally, I have been asked to extend the sincere apologies of Build Green and its client to the Travis Country residents for the distress and uncertainty that they have experienced over the last two weeks.



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