Why you should have a say in on the Transition Plan

Posted 24 Jul 2015 by Swiggs Featured Popular

With less than one week to go until submissions close on the draft transitional plan I encourage you to take 30 minutes of your time out now, read this and then have your say in any way you feel comfortable.

Most people I have spoken to about the transition plan have never made a submission in their lives to the government and if you are in this situation don’t be alarmed and don’t be put off by thinking it is too hard, it really isn’t.

One common concern people have is if the is consultation genuine and will their voice be heard? 

This concern comes from reasons such as the limited consultation time frame, the difficulty of how the document is worded, the fact it doesnt address high interest areas for long term recovery and because CERA are unwilling to hold public meetings to discuss the plans details with the public. These very reasons are exactly why you should have a say. 

There is a view that CERA isn't expecting much public interest in the transition. But I think people do want to have a say, and should have a say - look at what would have happened to Victoria Square if we hadn't been asked to have a say. 

You've heard the expression 'the devil is in the detail' and the Transition Plan is no exception- that's why I'm focussing my submission on three things:

  1. The cabinet papers from parliament contain the following key sentence: “8.6 Retain section 27, which enables the relevant Minister to amend plans and bylaws directly (consistent with the provision in the CER Act)” - Is this a partnership in true essence when the minister is able to by himself exercise any authority over the council to change rules.
  2. There is an almost exclusive focus on the commercial failure of the central city and little about the mental health of the population or the progress of people in the suburbs.
  3. The only problem the documents identify as holding up the rebuild is a ‘lack of commercial focus’  - which is rubbish.  

The Government had to step in at the beginning. But now it is time for them to allow our council to step forward and for the government to step back and play a support role for the city. I'm concerned that they haven't quite got the balance right. 

There is a lot to think about yes. But ultimately we simply need to show we care about our city and that we want to be part of the next stage of the recovery that is going to take place over the next 5 years and beyond.

The focus by media is around who will take control. It is not as simple as that. Recovery is complex and there are ups and downs as we know so well. 

But people are saying they want to be involved

And the Council is saying it's 'ready, willing and able'

I believe the Council will need a lot of support to be able to deliver, which is where we, the community, comes in.

There's only one question that you need to answer 'yes' that says you should make a submission:

Do you care about the future of the city?

 If so it is simple and so important to have a say. Follow the link here and fill in the blank boxes.

Or write an email to CERA by clicking this link. info@cera.govt.nz

Or even go to the Action Station website to have a say

You can write 1 sentence or 1000 – it doesn’t matter. Have your say. 



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