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Nicky Wagner | Canterbury Earthquake Recovery

Associate Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Minister Nicky Wagner has welcomed the overwhelmingly positive response to the draft restoration plan for Victoria Square.

Almost 2200 people shared their thoughts in the first round of feedback, and around 350 residents submitted input on the Draft Victoria Square Restoration Plan over the past two weeks. This was the third stage in a six month public engagement campaign on the future design of the space.

“We’ve had a much smaller number of people comment this time and the vast majority of those comments have been positive about the Draft Restoration Plan,” Ms Wagner says.

“I think this response shows that we have listened to what the community want and now we have achieved a good balance for this important civic space.

“There are still some elements of the draft restoration plan to be considered following the feedback that has been received but on the whole, the community has largely agreed with the draft restoration plan.

“The mix of traditional characteristics such as the curving paths and the soon to be restored Bowker Fountain, alongside new features including better lighting, more seating and further artwork installations, mean that this will be a pleasant, tranquil space for years to come.

The development of the final restoration plan for Victoria Square will now begin. This will include further workshops with the Independent Reference Group to ensure the community voice has been listened to. Christchurch City Council and Ngāi Tūāhuriri will also be briefed on the feedback and presented with the final design,” Ms Wagner says.

The final Victoria Square restoration plan will be released to the public at the end of September.

More information about the Draft Victoria Square Restoration Plan: ccdu.govt.nz/victoria-square.

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