Synapsys adds learning and development flavour to the Innovation Precinct

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Learning and development company, Synapsys’ move into Christchurch’s south east Innovation Precinct is an excellent fit for the precinct with its brief to house like-minded knowledge gathering and idea generating businesses.


Synapsys’ founder and director Phil Garing says the company’s ten year history in Canterbury shows a strong commitment to the city’s rebuild, not just in terms of the move, but also in the work they do.


“Clients such as City Care, Gough Group, Fletchers EQR, Arrow International and CDHB are all part of the wider rebuild community.


“We’re bringing our learning smarts to their businesses to help them improve what they do, and better the region as a whole. All businesses are challenged to work smarter and do more with less,” says Garing.


Whether its health and safety training, project management methodologies or leveraging new technologies, Synapsys is there to help and provide support.


To fit in with the collegial spirit of the Innovation Precinct, Synapsys met with Stratos Technology Partners, an IT services company which provides software, business intelligence and IT consulting services.


The two companies happily agreed to enter into a joint leasing arrangement to share office space and costs at Level 1, 167 Madras Street. The move for Synapsys also coincides with the company’s tenth birthday and the opening of an office in Wellington.


Synapsys grew out of the education sector developing learning solutions for private providers, ITOs and educational institutions. From that base it spread its expertise to the commercial and government sectors working across learning, organizational development and change management initiatives.


Garing who is the son of two teachers, has a legal and teaching background and is motivated by working with the diverse organizations his company services.


“I am energized by going into a board meeting with construction one day, a health care provider the next, and talking to farmers the following day,” says Garing.


Synapsys is expert at measuring the impact of learning to demonstrate the value of an investment, and at introducing the appropriate technology tools to companies so they become real performers rather than just shiny new tools.


Early on the company predicted that businesses would start to see learning as an imperative investment for growth rather than an unfortunate cost that came with a grudge.


Having gone from a small Christchurch company to a national player at the forefront of learning and development, delivering an end-to-end service in only a decade is a real achievement.


With thirteen staff and forty contractors, Synapsys doesn’t just build kit for organizations and then wave them goodbye. The company is a committed partner that stays on in close partnership with their clients long after solutions have been delivered.


 “I know it sounds corny but it’s our time,” says Garing.


“We’ve proven our worth strategically, built great product and are committed to outcomes with clients who understand the value of real partnership.”

SynapsysTeam.jpgSynapsys Team (supplied)


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