Rebuild Christchurch 5 Years Old Today

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Today Rebuild Christchurch as an organization turns 5 years old. Firstly, a massive thank you to the volunteers and supporters who put in time to keep both the website and charity activities.

Since the first day of creating an information blog to purely record my experiences to what we have evolved to now is humbling. The website is what started it all, then later in August 2011 our Foundation was established to take the momentum from online - offline by delivering the core values of giving back and supporting communities through activities on the ground and financial help.

But todays milestone is about the website and what we have done online.  In the five years to date we have had 4,774,784 unique visitors to the site trawling 15,729,579 pages. The website itself now has over 27,000 pages of information archived and is updated daily on what is happening in the rebuild and regeneration of the city. The Facebook page over the past five years has grown to one of Canterbury largest online communities with 54,500 likes accumulating 28,094,912 unique hits in that time.

These numbers are incredible however ultimately for us success and impact it is not all about numbers. In recovery the impact and usefulness of things cannot be measured by numbers alone. Our core purpose from very early on has been to provide an independent one stop shop for information that anyone is able to freely post to at any time with the goal to helping people understand what is happening in the recovery with the mindset that it will empower people to take that and do further good.

Because of this the community that has been created online which is empowered by the updates and transparent collaboration of information enabling others to support their own communities is what I say is one of our biggest successes to take away after five years. It has been challenging to sustain at times however I believe we have done our best under the circumstances.

The generous private support of IAG, Southern Response and Buildtech who allowed us to operate independently while providing sponsorship to pay the bills was invaluable so a big thank you to them. This has also allowed us to operate without the need of public money so that those funds get directed to places of most need.

This upcoming year will most likely be our last with our constitution having a sunset clause that comes into play August 31 2016. Between now and then a lot of work still needs to be done and we will be right there telling the stories of what is happening and engaging on the ground through the recovery and by next year a new direction for all of what we are will be realized, whatever that may be.

Lastly but not least a big thanks to you, the readers and people we all do this for. You are not a number to us but are part of our community and we really appreciate and love engaging with you.

Thanks to everyone again


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