Update on CTV collapse investigation

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Release: New Zealand Police

Update on CTV collapse investigation

Statement from Detective Superintendent (Southern) Peter Read:

The Police investigation into the collapse of the CTV building in February 2011 has progressed significantly, with a large amount of information from a range of sources collated and evaluated to assess whether there is sufficient evidence to progress to a decision on criminal liability.

The investigation team has now interviewed over 100 witnesses, and executed a number of search warrants in June in relation to the enquiry.

The engineering consultants BECA continues to provide expert opinion to the enquiry team, and this aspect of the investigation is progressing to a physical re-build and testing of critical elements of the building structure.

The enquiry team has also engaged the services of a further consultant engineer as well as a solicitor.

It remains a very complex investigation and a number of key areas need to be finalised before any assessment of liability can be discussed and advanced.

While progress has considerably advanced, Police cannot put any firm timeframe around when any final decision will be made, other than we are working towards a goal of late 2015.

The victim’s families have been advised today on the progress of the investigation, and Police will continue to keep them informed as we work through this very complex enquiry.

Media will also continue to be advised on any updates.



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