Canterbury CDEM UPDATE 12pm 16/10/16

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Canterbury CDEM UPDATE

The Canterbury CDEM Group declared a state of local emergency for Hurunui and Kaikoura.

All districts in Canterbury are coordinating with each other to provide support to Hurunui and Kaikoura.

Latest update: Kaikoura


• CDHB has reported at least 56 injuries in Kaikoura

• Four patients have been flown out of Kaikoura


• There are 70 people staying at the marae tonight

• About 700 tourists are camping around the town

• Woodend CDC has received 160 evacuees from Kaikoura.

• We estimate a further 1000? are still to be evacuated out of Kaikoura. Flights will resume at 9:45amWednesday morning.

• 859 homes in the wider Kaikoura area are still without power

• Ongoing checks will continue tomorrow- Oraro, Goose Bay and other isolated areas


• New World Kaikoura is now open with limited supplies

• We are continuing to monitor the Clarence River and other rivers regarding flow levels, weather, and for any risks of another landslide

• All buildings in the Kaikoura township are closed

• Urban Search and Rescue are on site

• The first Geotech staff will be going to Kaikoura to investigate landslide and rockfall risk to buildings on Wednesday in coordination with Kaikoura EOC.

• Hospital and airfield are operating

• While electricity has been restored to Kaikoura township, it was intermittent overnight

• Sewerage ponds have been damaged

• Damage to 3 water reservoirs and 2 pump stations.

• 50 percent of the town has access to the town water supply

• We expect 75 percent of the town to have access to the town water supply by mid-morning Wednesday. The remaining 25 percent will have access to a reliable water supply.

• The hospital and marae have access to reliable water

• Phone and internet is still patchy

• Building inspections started today. Tomorrow we will focus on hostels, hotels and lodges.


• Vehicles stranded on SH1 between Oaro and Kaikoura have been cleared

• SH6 Rai Valley to Renwick = open, drivers take care

• SH1 Cheviot to Ward = closed due to earthquake damage

• SH1 Seddon to Ward = open

• SH1 Cheviot to Goose Bay = open for local residents and emergency services

• SH1 Blenheim to Kaikoura = closed at Flaxbourne River Bridge due to earthquake damage

• SH7 between Waipara to Springs Junction = open, drive with care

• SH7a Tekoa to Hanmer Springs = closed to all vehicles between 8pm Tuesday to 7am Wednesday

• SH73 between Christchurch and the West Coast = open, temporary speed limits in place

Latest update: Hurunui

• Residents should boil their water before drinking

• Supplies have been delivered to Waiau

• Waiau Bridge is open and accessible from both directions

• Extensive damage to Mt Lyford, but everyone is accounted for

• Door knocking is happening in Mt Lyford to assess residents’ welfare needs

• There was damage to hotels in the district and several houses in Parnassus have suffered from earthquake damage

• Waiau and Rotherham appear to be the most affected farming areas, we have little information about Kaikoura farms.

• Farmers should go to the Environment Canterbury website for information about stock drinking water access and milk disposal.

• 671 homes in Hurunui district are still without power



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