Local state of emergency extended

Posted 22 Nov 2016 by CivilDefence Popular

The local state of emergency that has been in place in Canterbury for the past week has been extended for another seven days.

A declaration formally extending the local state of emergency was signed today by Christchurch Mayor Lianne Dalziel on behalf of the member Mayors on the Canterbury Civil Defence Emergency Management (CDEM) Joint Committee.

Mayor Dalziel said much work still needed to be done to the help the quake-hit communities in the Hurunui and Kaikoura districts and extending the local state of emergency would ensure the response effort could be co-ordinated across the region.

“It means we can continue to work collaboratively with the two districts to provide the support and resources their communities need as they deal with the aftermath of the earthquake and aftershocks,’’ Mayor Dalziel said.

Hurunui Mayor Winton Dalley supported the extension of the declaration on condition that there was improved coordination and more local input in the management of the Inland Kaikoura road.

The Canterbury CDEM Group consists of representatives from the City of Christchurch and all the districts in Canterbury.



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