Treasury describes EQC claimants as “weary and distrustful”

Posted 24 Mar 2016 by MeganWoods Popular
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Release: New Zealand Labour Party



Treasury describes EQC claimants as “weary and distrustful”

Treasury has pointed to the psychological impact the EQC’s process is having on claimants, describing people who go through the system as coming out “weary and distrustful”, says Labour’s Canterbury spokesperson Megan Woods.

“For years, people in Canterbury have been angry about what it’s like to deal with EQC – poor communication, shifting stories, and even allegations of bullying. The Government has routinely ignored these complaints and insists everything is fine.

“Now, in documents released to Labour under the Official Information Act, Treasury is noting that people who are moved into Southern Response’s settlement programme after years of dealing with EQC, are ‘weary and distrustful’ after dealing with the agency.

“When other government departments are now commenting on the psychological toll dealing with EQC is taking on people, something is very wrong.

“It’s vital that when people deal with government agencies they know they will be treated fairly, respectfully and honestly. Treasury clearly does not feel that’s happening at EQC.

“It’s really disappointing to see a government agency acting this way and putting such a psychological strain on people who have already been through so much with the earthquakes.

“The Government has repeatedly ignored calls for an independent inquiry into EQC. This is just further evidence of how badly needed that inquiry is,” says Megan Woods.

Attached: Treasury report (see page 7, para 2)


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