Christchurch urged to get behind South Frame Project

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Christchurch urged to get behind South Frame Project
The value of the South Frame anchor project won’t be fully appreciated until people start to see it evolve, according to commercial property agent Brendan Chase of Chase Commercial.
Mr Chase says the South Frame with its small public squares and connecting walkway is a great idea that mimics the pedestrian passageways through many of the great European cities.
“It’s been successful for centuries in cities such as Rome, Prague and Paris. As a tourist, some of the best moments are when you come across unexpected cafes, performances and attractions in areas like this,” he says.
“I really think this is a concept to embrace. Not only will it link key parts of the city – the health and innovation precincts – but if we have sufficient enthusiasm from existing landowners, new property developers, retailers, hospitality providers, commercial businesses, and residents it should be a fantastic addition to the city.”
Mr Chase was one of the initial supporters of Re:Start Mall and through Chase Commercial populated it with its successful mix of retail and hospitality tenants. He also initiated the West End development, involving the collaboration of owners of 1.5 hectares of land, bounded by Cashel St, Oxford Tce, Lichfield St and Ballantynes.
The West End development gained consent in 2013 and is separate from the newly proposed West End commercial area on the western side of the Avon River.
Mr Chase says the West End development, which will involve a mix of commercial activities – including retail, hospitality and commercial services – is an exciting collaboration, involving local landowners working together to create a core part of the CBD.
“Some time ago I recommended to Treasury officials and key property owners in the South Frame that the way we are working on West End would be a good model for the South Frame, with private property owners contributing to the development of buildings and the government only acquiring land for the public realm.”
“This approach is now being taken but it really needs Christchurch residents and businesses to back the South Frame project for it to reach its full potential.”
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