Leighs Cockram Joint Venture Ltd. to proceed with Metro Sports Facility

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Ōtākaro Limited has selected Leighs Cockram Joint Venture Ltd. to proceed as the single ECI (Early Contractor Involvement) contractor for the next design stage of the Metro Sports Facility, an aquatic and indoor sports and leisure venue that will grow participation in sport and recreation in Canterbury and provide facilities to support athlete high-performance. Construction of the facility will be managed by Ōtākaro Limited, and construction will be jointly funded by the Crown and the Christchurch City Council, with the Council being the operator of the facility after completion.


The ECI process brought two contractors into the design process in April 2016 so the design team could incorporate their knowledge of construction methods, cost management and health and safety into the project.


Ōtākaro Chief Executive Albert Brantley says both contractors have provided valuable input to date and each made a strong case to continue.


“Ōtākaro has selected Leighs Cockram Joint Venture who have demonstrated strong specialist knowledge of the project and are confident in their ability to make technical, construction and design improvements throughout their involvement,” says Mr Brantley.


Subject to their continued performance and commercial negotiations, Leighs Cockram Joint Venture may then have the opportunity to stay on and be involved in the build itself when the main construction contractor is selected in Q2 2017.


Ōtākaro is nearing the completion of the preliminary design phase of the Metro Sports Facility. Early works on the site and on neighbouring Stewart Street and Balfour Terrace will get underway in October.

The Metro Sports Facility is expected to be completed early in 2020 and will be the largest venue of its kind in New Zealand. It will be accessible to people of all ages, abilities and skill levels. With competition swimming and diving pools with grandstand seating, large aquatic leisure area, hydroslides, fitness spaces, indoor courts for community use and sports events.




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