Regenerate Christchurch signals approach to residential red zone

Posted 28 Sep 2016 by Regenerate Featured Popular

Regenerate Christchurch has today signaled its approach for identifying the long-term use of land that has been zoned red in the Christchurch district.





“Since the establishment of Regenerate Christchurch we have been meeting and listening to people in the community to understand how they want to be involved in shaping the future of the red zone,” says Chief Executive Ivan Iafeta.

“The feedback has very clearly identified that everyone needs to have access to the same information about the planning process, and the land in the red zone.”

“We are committed to being open and transparent with how we carry out the planning process for the red zone.”





The first step will be to prepare a draft Outline for a Regeneration Plan for the section of the Ōtākaro/Avon River Corridor that runs along the river from Barbadoes Street to Stanmore Road. 

“The draft Outline will set out a pathway for decisions on the future use of this land and will also create the foundation for how we will involve communities.”

In addition to preparing a draft Outline for the top section of the Ōtākaro/Avon River Corridor, Regenerate Christchurch will also be undertaking activities to support regeneration planning for the rest of the river corridor.

To support this and Regenerate Christchurch’s other work in the red zone, existing information on the flat land red zones has been collated and is now available on Regenerate Christchurch’s website:




The publication of this information reinforces Regenerate Christchurch’s inclusive approach to working with communities and businesses. “We want to engage the wider community and invite their involvement in one of the most exciting urban renewal opportunities ever seen in New Zealand,” says Mr Iafeta.


Editors note: The Regenerate Christchurch website updates will be live from 6am tomorrow, Thursday September 29.

About Regenerate Christchurch

Regenerate Christchurch is a new entity, set up as a partnership between the Crown and Christchurch City Council, to lead regeneration in key areas including the residential red zone, New Brighton and the central city. To find out more go to



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