Christchurch Civil Defence Update #13 Thursday 16 February 2017 Update on Port Hills Fire 11.45am

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Christchurch Civil Defence Update #13



Fire area as of 7am


Thursday 16 February 2017 

Update on Port Hills Fire 11.45am

More than 130 firefighters are currently on the ground fighting the Port Hills fire.

The main activity is in the northern area of the Port Hills, including Hoon Hay Valley Road, Dyers Pass Road and Worsley Road.

The Fire Service has 40 crews with 45 pumps and tankers, and more than 130 firefighters on the ground. There are 26 rural fire crews with more than 200 personnel. Fourteen helicopters are in the air, along with three fixed wing aircraft

The situation is changing regarding property damage, but the latest report is that 11 houses and two sheds have been lost. Four of the houses are in Worsleys Road, four in Hoon Hay Valley Road, one house and one shed on Burkes Bush Road, and two houses and one shed on Early Valley Road.


Civil Defence is receiving inquiries from residents who have been evacuated about when they will be able to return to their homes. It is too soon to be able to answer this with any certainty. People are encouraged to monitor Civil Defence and Council web and social media channels for the latest updates. As soon as any information is available about when people can return we will ensure that it is widely publicised.

Health update


Canterbury DHB is reminding people to phone their GP team first if they experience any respiratory issues or concerns.


Dr Alistair Humphrey, Canterbury Medical Officer of Health, says for the vast majority of people, the smoke will be unpleasant, but carries no risk to their health.

People who have difficulty breathing, have a prolonged cough or tightness in their chest should make their own GP team their first call 24/7 for #carearoundtheclock.

Dr Humphrey is also encouraging people remember to look out for their neighbours, especially the elderly, or those with disabilities and make sure they’re ok.

“Canterbury has been hit hard with its fair share of disasters in the last half decade, so many people will understandably be feeling overwhelmed and in shock. We all need to remember to look out for one another and take care of each other.”

Welfare update

A huge thank you to all the residents, community groups and businesses of Christchurch and elsewhere who have offered their help, donations of food, water and accommodation to the emergency response. The fires have had a big impact on the people of Christchurch who have responded with kindness and care. It means a lot to those affected.


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