Christchurch’s pockets of awesome captured in new resource

Posted 24 Feb 2017 by TourismChCh Popular

Christchurch’s pockets of awesome captured in new online resource


Christchurch’s pockets of awesome - the city’s trending places to meet, eat, drink, and experience - are now featured in a new online resource at

Christchurch and Canterbury Tourism (CCT) launched the Pockets of Awesome campaign in 2013 to give Christchurch residents the latest information on what to see and do around their ever-changing city.

CCT Marketing Manager, Angela Gordon says Pockets of Awesome has now evolved into a major resource for Christchurch.

“Knowledgeable locals are Christchurch’s best advocates. Because tourism makes such an important contribution to our economy, we are encouraging and educating more locals to become experts and pass on their insider knowledge to visitors through Pockets of Awesome.”

Currently more than 15,000 local people are subscribed to the Pockets of Awesome newsletter sent out fortnightly. Information about events, new places and old favourites are updated to inboxes every second Thursday.

“Our city has changed so much in the last six years, and it continues to change almost daily, and now we are capturing this in one hub,” she says.

“A picture says a thousand words, and Pockets of Awesome features new images, some of which are crowd-sourced from residents and visitors.

“We want the website to inspire people to get out into their city and rediscover the little pockets of awesome they didn’t know existed.”


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