Council committee approves new cycleways

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Council committee approves new cycleways

Sections of two Major Cycle Routes connecting the Central City to Heathcote and Ferrymead have been approved by the Infrastructure, Transport and Environment Committee today. Construction is expected to start on both routes later this year.

Infrastructure, Transport and Environment Committee Chair Pauline Cotter says the decision is an important milestone for the two routes and a step closer to developing the network of cycleways around the city.

“There were more than 250 submissions and a number of submitters presented to the committee on the two projects, with a substantial number of changes made as a result of the comments. The feedback has helped to deliver safe, attractive and enjoyable cycleways for people on bikes to use, and further improvements will continue to be made through the detailed design process.”

The changes include:

Rapanui – Shag Rock Cycleway

• The shared path will be widened from 3 metres to 4 metres where possible along the route

• Local connections into the cycleway on Linwood Avenue will be added

• Cyclist priority and detectors will be added at intersections

• The Cranley Street u-turn bay will be upgraded

Heathcote Expressway

• A section of the cycleway on Cumnor Terrace is being changed from a separated path to a neighbourhood greenway in order to retain some mature trees

• Additional car parking bays have been added on Sheldon Street

• Landscaping will be improved at various points along the route

The first stage of the Rapanui – Shag Rock Cycleway between Worcester Street and Linwood Park is already in construction. The next section, which was approved today, will connect Linwood Park to the Ferrymead Bridge where it will link to the Christchurch Coastal Pathway.

The full Heathcote Expressway route stretches from Heathcote to the Central City. This decision covers the area from Truscotts Road to Charles Street as further consultation on the Ferry Road and Wilsons Road section of the route is occurring to address issues raised through the initial round of feedback.

The Major Cycle Routes programme is developing a network of 13 routes linking shopping centres, businesses, schools, parks and popular destinations across Christchurch.


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