Kaikoura Land Tests

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3 Mar 2017

Drill rigs collecting soil samples for EQC in Lyell Creek area

The Earthquake Commission has commissioned two drilling rigs to undertake investigations and collect soil samples in the area of Lyell Creek for two days next week. 

General Manager Customer and Claims Trish Keith says that the drill rigs will begin operating on district council land near the bridge on Hawthorne Road on Monday before moving to a site near the bridge on Gillings Lane on Monday and Tuesday. 

“The tests will enable EQC to better understand the soil composition in the area and the nature of land movement that has occurred as a result of the 14 November 2016 earthquake.

“There are two types of drilling rigs that will be at the two sites at various times on Monday and Tuesday. A borehole drilling rig takes soil samples from the ground, while the Cone Penetration Test (CPT) rig will push a metal rod into the ground and measure soil properties. 

“This information will help EQC settle land claims for homeowners in the area and for them to get their full entitlement.”

Mrs Keith says that EQC carried out initial visual assessments of land damage on properties in the Lyell Creek area in January and February but further testing will provide a better understanding of the nature of land movement. 

The information gathered will help EQC understand the extent and nature of the land damage to ensure claims are settled to the full entitlement, and will also inform EQC’s research programme. 

“EQC has no plans to carry out soil tests in any other parts of Kaikoura at this stage. The rigs will create some noise but will only operate during the day to minimise any disruption to local residents.”  

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