Update on EQC’s meeting with Dunedin landslip customers

Posted 30 Jan 2019 by GovtEQC
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A team from the Earthquake Commission (EQC) and Engineers from Tonkin & Taylor met with Dunedin residents and representatives from the City Council on Monday to discuss the latest geotechnical testing on land in the St Clair area that was damaged by a recent landslip.

Head of Response and Recovery Robyn Nation said that the outcome of the meeting was very positive and a great way for EQC to continuously update local residents directly and address their questions.

“The team began by discussing how land claims are assessed under the Earthquake Commission Act so they are fully aware and understand how their land claims are settled.

“They also presented the preliminary results of the monitoring that we have done so far which confirmed that there has been minor land movement since monitoring began in late December. The team advised that EQC’s investigations to date had created a clearer picture of the movement that is occurring, and what we need to do to get an outcome for our customers as soon as we can.

Mrs Nation says that further monitoring will be carried out over the next fortnight to provide more information on the cause of the slip.

“The information that we have gathered to date, and the monitoring carried out over the next two weeks, will help us understand the scale of the damage and confirm the cause of the slip. In turn this will give us a better idea of what remedial solutions are available.

Mrs Nation says that EQC will contact all homeowners again in two weeks once the survey report is finalised and to update them on the next steps.

“This will enable homeowners to be kept informed of how their claims are progressing while the Council will make its decisions in regard to when the houses can be safely occupied.”

EQC claims for natural disaster damage can be lodged online at www.eqc.govt.nz/claims, via email on info@eqc.govt.nz, or by calling 0800 DAMAGE (0800 326 243).

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